The Gross Show - 2011 (Season 2) Writer Submission

You've seen The Steve Wilkos Show... You've seen Maury... You've seen The Jerry Springer Show... and if you haven't, well, who cares. The Gross Show is the Philly Improv Theater's trashy talk show hosted by Alex Gross. We look far and wide throughout the city to find the most fucked up people and Philly never lets us down. We have guests who make you cry, laugh and maybe wish murder was legal. If you don't leave without feeling just a litle uncomfortable , we didn't do our job.

The Gross Show

As we get ready for Season 2 of The Gross (launching in January 2012) we need a staff of talented writers to help generate some of the content for shows and shape the segments for our stranger finds/ideas. Could you be one of those people? Read on...


A Message From Host Alex Gross

Hey comedians of Philadelphia (or elsewhere), it’s Alex Gross. I wanted to let you know that The Gross Show will be casting writers/actors for the new year! It’s been a fun time so far but I want to step it up a notch for 2012 and evolve The Gross Show to be more like the talk show parody that I aspired to create originally.

This goal is not an easy one to accomplish alone.

The cast will help write each month’s show from scratch - which will include helping produce themes, segments, scripts, videos and casting actors for the show. We will work as a collective. This will be a time demanding project with at least one weekly meeting, but it will also be creatively challenging, help you grow as a comedian and performer, and be a lot of fun. I hope you’re interested in joining The Gross Show family and I encourage you to submit!



Submission Guidelines

Submitting to be considered for a writing/acting spot on The Gross Show is a two-step process, but it's mostly painless:

1) Complete the online questionnaire located here. (This should take about 10-15 minutes. We ask for your name and contact info, as well as your opinions of the show - just to make sure you're familiar with it).

2) Once you've completed the online questionnaire, write and send a sample submission of a proposed segment for the show (here's an example of what your submission should look like) to thegrossshow@gmail.com. Your submission becomes property of the Philly Improv Theater, Inc. and will not be returned.

Do both of these things by 6:00 PM EST on Wednesday, December 14, 2011. Late submissions will not only be rejected, but Alex may do foul things with them.


Selection Process

All submissions will be reviewed and finalists for positions with the show will notified that they have been scheduled for an interview on Thursday, December 15, 2012 by noon. Interviews will take place on Saturday, December 17th between noon-5pm (please hold this time open if you are submitting!) in the conference room at PHIT's shared office space, 1616 Walnut Street, Suite 1800, Philadelphia, PA 19103. At the interview you'll have a chance to chat with Alex about the show, answer some questions he has, and ask some of your own.

Writers selected to work on Season 2 of The Gross Show will be notified by email no later than December 23, 2011 and meetings will begin in January.


What Do I Get When I Become Involved?

A chance to be involved with a hit alternative comedy show in Philly's exploding comedy scene? Yes. A small budget to do ridiculously strange, bizarre, or downright fucked up things in front of a paying audience with? Yes. The opportunity to work with other people serious about being funny? Yes. The secret to untold celebrity and vast limitless riches? Maybe (we're not paying, and we doubt you'll go straight from PHIT to an acclaimed HBO series... but people have also fallen out of planes in the sky, plummeted to earth, and lived - so stranger things have happened).


Still have questions?
Send us an to thegrossshow@gmail.com.


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